About Bea

Hello! I’m Bea! I’m a young creative! My pronouns are they/them/theirs!

My identity-specific language is listed in my pronouns.page!

I’m autistic and neurodivergent! I was diagnosed at a young age and now I don’t really know any different, unlike when I was in school.

I have been electively home educated and unschooled since I was 7 and first became ill with ME/CFS.

I have sensory processing disorder, dyspraxia and hypermobility spectrum disorder.

I’m also a synaesthete*: I feel sound as touch, sight as touch and I have mirror touch. It makes the world a significantly harder place to be and is one of the reasons why I’m mostly housebound, as well as ME/CFS taking most of my energy.

With ME/CFS I’m always tired, constantly coughing and regularly in pain. I am still learning to live with limited energy and I use a wheelchair in public.

My mum (aka Jilly, Jilliganito, Player 2) always has been and always will be my teacher. We’re a team through all sorts of challenges, although it’s not all serious, we have a lot of laughs too.

I’m currently exploring concepts around online identity and online native spaces. After all…

My computer is how I travel.

I’m a tourist of the internet; commuting through YouTube, making a stop at Steam, then heading back to my home on Discord. I’m either watching a video essay on a new game or reading a fandom page of my favourite cartoons. Sometimes I’m just scrolling Wikipedia! As long as it is online, I’m there!

Although online is preferred, I’m a creative in many mediums nonetheless. Illustration and writing are my go-tos, but music, sculpture and ceramics are things I love too. I also enjoy riso printing, collage and sewing but these aren’t as accessible for me.

You can find my portfolio, blog and other info about me on my personal website:



*Synaesthesia is a condition where a person experiences their different senses in a “blended” way, e.g seeing colours when they hear music, letters/words having a colour, taste or smell. Many famous artists are synaesthetes. For most people, it is a benign or even pleasant experience but for others, including Bea, it can be intrusive and overwhelming. More info on Wikipedia