About Jill

Hey, I’m Jill, AKA ‘Jiw’, a creative facilitator and founder/director of A Collective.

Portrait by Bea ♡

Most importantly, I’m Bea’s Mum. I am a passionate home educator and advocate of unschooling*.

I’ll happily bend your ear about strewing, curiosity, process over outcome and saying yes to all things.

I believe that open ended play and experimentation is the single-most important thing in learning, and for a healthy happy mind at all ages and stages of life.

Whilst I wish that Bea wasn’t chronically ill, I’m grateful that they couldn’t cope with school and so we took the chance to create the life that we now have.

It would be easy to say “I’m so lucky” that Bea and I enjoy each others company so genuinely but we work hard at it, it’s a key part of our joint practice in itself.

Like Bea, I’m a keen gamer. I love our rapidly evolving digital existence and look forward to seeing how our society, culture, education and creativity continues to be affected by macro trends like gamification, virtual/augmented reality and AI.

You can find other info about me on my personal website, LinkedIn and Instagram:




*Unschooling is a form of autonomous, child-led, ‘natural’ learning. It is a way of life, a practice that harnesses the motivation that comes from genuine interest and extends across the whole of family life rather than being limited to “school hours” or “education”. It encourages critical thinking, self-awareness and reflection and is particularly suited to neurodivergent families and children with learning differences.