About Us

Bea and Jill are a creative duo, working as one artist. Bea is an autistic young person, Jill is their mum and carer.

Bea has multiple disabilities and has had ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) since a young age so our relationship is much closer and more entwined than a typical mother/teenager.

ME/CFS, neurodivergence, disability and caring have a significant impact on our whole family’s day-to-day life, critically informing our views of our wider environment, from our community to the organisations and authorities making decisions that affect us.

Coming together formally as a creative partnership is both an acknowledgement of the complexities and challenges of our relationship – together and as individuals – and a way to recognise, celebrate and evolve the wonderful upside of how beneficial working together has been for both of us: practically, intellectually and spiritually.

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