Bea and Jill X 64 Million Artists

November Takeover: 4 x Weekly Creative Prompts

We were invited by 64 Million Artists to devise four creative prompts over November 2023, inspired by our Pillow Palace project and the artists who took part.

Week One: Faceless Self Portraits

Week Two: Create an OC

Week Three: Your Favourite Place

Week Four: Your Survival Base

Our prompts take participants through a creative process of thinking about their own Pillow Palace where they are the visitor, exhibit and exhibitor. They are designed as a series but each one works equally well on its own.

Tired Barbie OC

We also encourage people to spend time thinking about what makes them an artist or a creative. Many artists have a materials-based practice e.g. they paint, draw, or make things from clay or textiles.

We don’t really do that. We spend more of our time thinking, talking and imagining than actually doing and that’s OK.

We believe that creativity can happen in your mind as much as on paper or a screen and that we learn and grow through the process even if there isn’t a tangible outcome (a piece of work, art) to show someone.

Conversations (even with yourself) can be one of the most creative activities you can take part in.

It’s important to us to explore ways of creating that are accessible in different and alternative mediums, so a couple of our challenges suggest a digital/online way of working as well as a traditional one.

We also think that creativity should be fun and low duress, so if you simply think about our creative prompts, or talk about them with a friend, that’s enough.