Access Advisory Group: This is Croydon

Croydon is the London Borough of Culture for 2023 and we’re chuffed to be members of the Access Advisory Group.

Accessibility and specifically online access to cultural events is one of our passion areas. Like many autistic, disabled and/or chronically ill people, Bea can struggle with in-person activities; we’re often really frustrated at the lack of accommodation for people and families like us.

We’re hoping to influence the amazing creatives who are planning the programme of events for Croydon’s year of cultural celebration.

Particularly important for us, we’ll be championing those who are housebound, from those suffering with illness to the elderly and infirm. Whilst the Borough of Culture is designed to celebrate the community in a physical, geographical area, it is essentially celebrating people, and some people in Croydon can’t get out and about as easily as others…

The latest census data shows that one in seven people living in Croydon have a disability (defined as a physical or mental impairment that has a “substantial and long-term adverse effect” on the ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities).

That’s over 33,000 households – including almost 8,500 with two or more disabled people – we hope that members of the disabled community are recognised as equally important and our needs are generously met over the year ahead.

This is Croydon will be a celebration of everything Croydon is and has to offer – created, directed and presented by the people of the borough – from main-stage headliners to the sounds of the underground, famous names to tomorrow’s new talents.

The Borough of Culture year kicks off in April, for more info see the Culture Croydon website or follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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