Are you a young autistic person? Come build an exhibition in Minecraft with us!

Pillow Palace is our new project for 2023. It is a virtual art exhibition, built in Minecraft, for and by autistic young people.

We’re looking for Minecrafters aged 13+ to build with us, to create their perfect personal space, filled with things that make them happy.

Our dedicated project mini-site is now live – check it out here!

Click here to sign up for one of our Easter workshops on Eventbrite!

Why Pillow Palace?

Last year, we attended a workshop on how to curate an exhibition.

We were tasked to design our own imaginary exhibition based on a type of person. No limits or restrictions; physical, financial or otherwise.

We decided to think about what would make a perfect exhibition for autistic people… and that turned into Pillow Palace.

You can read more about our thought process here.

How can I join in?

This is an online project that you join virtually using your own computer/device.

To participate, you need to be 13+, able to commit to an orientation session (approx 1.5hrs) and 1+ build sessions (up to 3 hrs each, leave when you want), and there’s an optional review session (approx 1 hr).

We’ll give you a free login for Minecraft Education edition and access to the project Discord server – all the deets are here.

We’re thrilled to be running two build groups as part of Turf Projects’ MAKEROOM season of events, generously funded by the Arts Council England.

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