Me Us Outwards: working with NAS youth club

For our Cultivate That residency, we’ve been running a three-part collaborative, multimedia art workshop with the National Autistic Society Croydon youth club.

Bea has been a member of the NAS youth club since just before the pandemic and it became an important point of connection every week whilst we were all in lockdown.

Following on from STREET View, which was in essence a self-portrait, Bea felt it was time to take the next step – working with young autistic people like them – to see how they felt about themselves, those around them, Croydon and their future.

Our work has centred around offering materials, space, support and conversation – passing on the opportunity that Turf afforded us in Propagate This – working with the youth group over three weekends, in three different venues: the youth club space, Turf’s gallery space and Park Hill Park.

Me Us Outwards project poster with QR code, displayed in Park Hill Park

For more details on the project, see here.

Click here to visit the project mini-site Me Us Outwards.

We hoped to produce a “sensoryscape” a collaborative multimedia piece that was simultaneously displayed in the park, at Turf and online – lofty goals that we didn’t manage to realise – but what we actually did ended up much better.

Come to see us at Turf Projects next Saturday 28th May (2pm) for Cultivate That New Shoots – a celebratory lunch, and discussion / presentation of the various and varied developments that this project has fostered – all the Cultivate That artists should be there… we’ll have a wall of artwork, poetry, stories, thoughts and photographs to share from this project.

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