STREET view: Propagate This outcome

Bea’s digital artwork STREET view is now live and can also be viewed in the Turf Projects’ gallery space this Saturday 16th October from 4-5pm.

Join us, with our fellow Propagate This artists and the Turf team at the project space in Turf Project’s gallery in the Whitgift Centre this Saturday!

André Anderson from Freedom & Balance, who has been our amazing project facilitator, will be leading a short tour in the space to chat about the experimental project, our process, and what might come next. There’s drinks 😉

I live in Croydon but I did not know how I truly related to Croydon. I can’t access Croydon, I haven’t been there much, I don’t know what it is like.

Bea, brainstorming for Propagate This

While brainstorming what we wanted to do for Propagate This, Bea realised that their main point of reference for outside our home is Google Maps – specifically Google Maps Street View – so that became their art medium to respond to this project.

image from
route 1: SO TIRED
image from
route 2: WOKE UP TIRED
image from
route 3: WHICH WAY?

I used Google Maps and another website for street names, creating sentences out of “places I’d been online”, to explain why “real life” isn’t always accessible [for me].

Bea, STREET view blog

You can view STREET view here.

More info on the project is available here.

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