me us outwards

A three part collaborative, multimedia art workshop about ourselves, those close to us, and our future; working with the National Autistic Society Croydon youth club.

These workshops were produced during our 3-month residency at Turf Projects’ in Spring 2021. We were part of their Cultivate That project which focussed on process and practice development over output, and continued conversations about community and Croydon that had started the previous year in Propagate This.

Street View [digital artwork, Propagate This outcome] was a self portrait. Created from my point of view with no outside perspective (double meaning).

In Cultivate That, I wanted to take the next step outwards. Not too far from where I was, but far enough to find something new. I wanted to work with the Youth Club I go to, which is a safe space for autistic young people like me.

Beatrix, April 2022.
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Me Us Outwards project poster with QR code, displayed in Park Hill Park

Project Format

this is me,

The first workshop session ran in the youth club space, which is familiar and safe.
This session was about ourselves as individuals.

Alternative Self Portraits
Exploring how to represent yourself
without showing your face

Acrostic poem self portrait

then there is us,

The second session ran in the Turf Projects gallery, set up as a workspace. This was a new space to the youth club group, but is designed to be accessible.
This session was about us as a group.

What is Youth Club to us?
Creative writing, doodling, poster design

Collage exploring how it feels to be an autistic teenager in Youth Club

and then there is outwards

The third session took place in Park Hill Park, Croydon, specifically in the walled garden, which was a new/unfamiliar outside space with little protection from sensory stimuli.
This session was about our wider environment and future.

Sensory Exploration
Colour, smell, shape

Found word poem from ‘A-Z game’ session

Final presentation of work

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