Silly Stories

A creative game zine, produced as a family activity pack for Turf Projects.

As part of Propagate This, we had attended a workshop given by another of the artists – Pear Nuallak – where we made a ‘Beast of Croydon‘.

The session was inspired by the drawing game ‘Exquisite Corpse‘ (also known as picture consequences). This is one of our favourite family games. We enjoyed the opportunity for creative collaboration so much, we wanted to produce something inspired by that session.

In our Silly Stories game, each player has to write a brief response to a set of prompts on little cards – characters, actions, speech, location and object.

These are then shuffled into piles by prompt type and a chosen narrator selects the top card from each respective pile in a particular order to create a silly story.

We made an instruction zine to explain how to play and we packaged this up with some starter cards in a little bag as a family activity pack.

The game is suitable for age 6 upwards. You don’t need to be a good writer or a comedian, the stories tell themselves and naturally end up silly and funny!

You can get one of the games from Turf Projects, or if you’re not in Croydon, PDFs are attached below: